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All about Golden Hour Lightroom


A good number of people are very concerned in knowing what great photography is all about. People think that buying a good camera body and several lenses makes great photography, but it does not. It is very appropriate to get it tight with your camera if you want to get great photography. Struggling to produce a dynamic range is what some cameras do. The reason for this is that some parts might be overexposed or underexposed while others might be appropriately exposed. Producing a wide range of colors present in the scene might be quite difficult during the golden hour shooting. There are some simple tips to put into consideration to get greats to shoot during the shooting.


Shooting RAW is considered to be one of the most important tips. In order to recover lots of details and color during the post-processing, then it important for the photographer to do this. This is where Lightroom is considered appropriate. This is because a RAW will not be able to embed the white balance to make it to appear like a finer image.  For the image to get the most appropriate colors then it is important to use Lightroom. The second tip is ensuring the bracketing of your exposure. This is because there is a very wide tone range when it comes to the Golden Hour images. This will make the camera unable to capture the image fully. Bringing inline the tonal range with that seen by the eyes is what bracketing is all about. Visit this website at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHVVxHZUrOc for more info about lights.


Correcting the exposure is the first thing to do when dealing with adventure presets lightroom for golden hour images. The images will usually appear very neutral and lacking color punch when the photography has been done in the golden hour.  To make it look great, then correcting the exposure is done. In the histogram is where you can be able to see the wide range of tones. The range of tones is from the darkest black highlight to the white one. To identify the issues, you can switch the highlights that are in the histogram. For the light to fall inside the histogram it is advised to raise the black and whites to be lowered.


For one to be able to achieve the golden hour presets color, the first thing that should be done is to change the white balance. White balance is changed in a way that it resembles the golden color.  When the image of evening looks more like noon rather than dusk the white balance is increased. When this has been done the image will look like a lovely evening with warmer tones. You can also decide to fix the color saturation. Color Yellows and reds are the most increased when it comes to Golden Hour images. You can also decide to correct the hues to get your desired color.